“I’m Thinking of Having an Affair”

The sins of the flesh are some of the most rampant. How can they not? Everywhere we look we are tempted. Everywhere we look we are being told that it is ok to cheat, to upgrade, to give in to desire, to do what makes us happy – even at the expense of others. Society reinforces the “upgrade” in all things, cars, phones, and even partners. We Deserve It!
I share this with you hoping that it will help.
God Bless †

The Peaceful Wife

There are countless women – yes, even many Christian women – right now who are being tempted by powerful romantic feelings, admiration and infatuation toward men who aren’t their husbands. When a wife is feeling unloved, lonely, isolated, depressed, sad, disconnected, ignored, resentful, unforgiving, or sinned against in her marriage – this temptation can seem like sunlight breaking through the dark months or years of storm clouds.

It is VERY EASY to give in to the desire to feel attractive, desired, loved, protected, cherished and adored by another man. It can seem at first like the cost will be worth it – just like a fish thinks the juicy worm on a hook is a gift straight from heaven – for awhile.


  • “My husband is being or was unfaithful to me.”
  • “My husband doesn’t meet my needs.”
  • “I feel lonely.”

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