the Student’s notes: The Good man, part one

Too good to not share with you all!

I personally battle with the Good Man as well, not for the sake of coexistence, no, for me it is due to fear of yelling, due to fear of violence.
Thanks a lot family of origin 😉
But I guess I should remember, that he did not come to bring peace, but rather division 😉

God Bless

Mary's Corner: Catholic Mothering Group

I am a third order member, or Companion, of the Heralds of the Gospel. It’s a pontifical order, and quite new, considering the church is 2000 years old. We’re barely into our teens, though we trace our roots back long before that (I guess you could say we get that pattern from the big guy, after all Jesus came after John the Baptist). The fourth Friday of each month we have formation on our faith. The topics are varied, and come from numerous sources. In the posts like this one (you’ll know them as the titles will always contain the starting phrase the student ‘s notes), I will put down my notes and thoughts on the.

I will always remind you of my disclaimer. I am the student, not the expert. If you find something that is not quite right, please let me know and much more importantly – check…

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