Two Cents

“Not 100 people in the United States hate the Roman Catholic Church, but millions hate what they mistakenly think the Roman Catholic Church is.”

~ Archbishop Fulton Sheen

From  THIS is what our CCC should look like, USED.
From THIS is what our CCC should look like, USED.

If you have a problem with what you believe the Catholic Church teaches, then I believe you owe it to yourself to research and TRULY find out what She Teaches!

When I say find out, I do not mean go around asking 20-30 different priests a question until you find one that will answer Exactly what you want to hear.
And Believe me, that WILL happen!

You can find anyone, and I am not just speaking of the Church, that will agree with you 100% on ANY subject.  Does this mean that you are correct?  Possibly. But then again, maybe you and that person are not as brilliant as you judged.

When wanting to find what the Church truly teaches, it is quite simple, go to the source.

One such source…The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

You can pick it up in Book Form or you can find it HERE on the Vatican’s website.

I find it quite irksome that Cradle Catholics, such as myself – or you can call us Cafeteria Catholics, since we Love to Pick and Choose the teachings which we will honour and are more conducive to our lifestyle preferences – claim to be Catholic and yet know little to next to nothing about our Faith. The icing on the cake? When we have the gall to say of those that are trying to lead us to the path of righteousness, “That’s what they say, but I doubt they’re right,” or “What do THEY know?”
We certainly have a huge pair of cajones 😉

Very well, I am done ranting…for now.

And seriously, if you truly want to KNOW the Truth, Do your Homework! Research!! And don’t just assume (ASS of yes, U and Me) that you know it all!

Oh and this goes for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in life, not just our Faith. As I stated above, on any subject, on any topic, you can find any given number of “Authorities,” and these authorities will either agree or disagree with you. One will of course only quote those that are in line with our way of thinking. Why wouldn’t we? They “Prove” we are right! Right?

My Two Cents.

God Bless †

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