This Gentleman Got It Right!

A couple of nights ago, I came across this video.

I will be the first to admit that it left a very unsavoury taste in my mouth.

My PERSONAL Opinion is that this is not acceptable.  I do not find it respectful.

I personally believe that if these men – and any man – genuinely want to engage a woman they will do so in a respectful and “comfortable and safe” manner and environment.

Hollering to a woman as she walks by does not denote genuine, respectful interest, not to me.

If you genuinely want to approach her, as she is walking, approach her, not invading her personal space, and begin with a “Pardon me” or an “Excuse me.”  That, I judge, is a way to get a female to stop, at least momentarily, and listen. Just don’t follow it with a “Hi Beautiful.”

I felt completely disheartened as I read many comments from women on this video. They ranged from “How is this harassment?” to “How else is a man supposed to approach you?”  Many individuals felt that this is a gross exaggeration of what harassment looks like.

It was not until just minutes ago that I read One Gentleman’s Perspective‘s blog post titled, “Why Do Guys CatCall?” that I truly felt a sense of understanding.

For that, Sir, I thank you.

Please take the time to read his article HERE or above, your choice. But do read it, whether a male or a female.  He truly hits the proverbial nail on the head. At least in my humble opinion 😉

From OneGentlemansPerspective