Reconstruct the Country

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From “I cannot teach, I am missing 43. I do not want that tomorrow you miss (go missing) too.”

Desde la Fe, a México City archdiocesan newspaper is absolutely correct!!

México, sadly, does need to be reconstructed!

On September 26th 43 students, teachers in training, disappeared…they were shot at by the POLICE! As if that were not enough, they were handed over to criminals and Burned Alive! Who would order such an atrocity? The Mayor and his wife!

I concur with the editorial in Desde la Fe:

“The evil that Mexico suffers is a true decomposition of the social fabric, an evil from which no sector of the country escapes”.
“The seriousness of the crisis demands a deep replanting of our morals, our laws and the social and political organization of our homeland”.
“It is necessary to reconstruct the country. It is urgent that there be a commitment from all sectors of society to combat the immorality, impunity, corruption and cynicism that has our nation on its knees and covered in shame. The political class has showed itself to be unworthy and their parties have shown themselves to be totally incompetent for such a large task”.

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From “It Was The State”

Please join all of us that will be Praying for México as Pope Francis has asked, and for all of our brothers and sisters that are victims to injustice and wretched evils.

You can read the article from Vatican Radio HERE.

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